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Circumvent data silos to improve access to information in challenging, high-potential countries.

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Innovation Challenge Winners

DR Congo user IFEDD wins SDG 8.7 Innovation Challenge and a prize from the International Labour Organisation, rewarding their child labour risk management in Datastake.

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ASM Grand Challenge

The ASM Progress App, built by ARM on Datastake, is among 13 finalists for the $1 Million challenge to reduce impacts from artisanal and small-scale gold mining in the Amazon.

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Purposeful Innovation

Datastake is shortlisted for ‘Game Changing’ Innovation of the Year at the Global Good Awards. The ceremony will be held in October 2022.

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Financial Reward for Users

Datastake has received a small grant from the Ocean Protocol foundation, which will be used to reward its most active and transparent users across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Transform data management in presumed high risk areas

We build applications for local businesses and NGOs to digitise and securely handle their information, improve their performance and raise their profile.

Commoditise' data to support local stakeholders' intervention

Users of our applications or connected software can keep track of their information, set up their own wallet and find more clients for their data.

Access to reliable data in logistically-challenged regions

Datastake bridges the information gap where traditional research struggles, through consolidation of structured data from local witnesses.


Raising confidence through consistent data compilation across applications

Datastake already supports collaboration among mining & mineral trade stakeholders, to facilitate concerted risk management, and promote synergies between international development experts and the private sector.

Information compiled locally is organised into granular data, so that holders can identify more uses for it, and monetise their on-site knowledge

Through consolidation of structured data from multiple sources, clients can better manage risk, measure impact and identify engagement opportunities.

Applications tailored to weak-governance countries enable local stakeholders to reclaim their narrative

As local actors improve their information management, their work becomes relevant to a broader range of global partners seeking sustainable triangulation.


We help our clients build custom applications to leverage the platform

Our team can help design scalable software to meet your organisation's specific compilation and reporting objectives while connecting with other information sources and potential data clients.


Consolidated Autonomous Due Diligence


The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals helped develop the CADD Framework to help reduce compliance costs in the mining and mineral trade sector. The resulting application enables buyers of critical materials to engage in high-risk areas while verifiably conducting due diligence.

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Locally-led Project Monitoring & Evaluation


As part of USAID's Zahabu Safi (Clean Gold) project, Global Communities has facilitated the deployment of a free application to empower local organisations in monitoring and evaluation. This tool helps community-based and civil society organisations support transparency and demonstrate the impact of international development projects.

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Connect your work and systems to set up your wallet, leverage a greater pool of information sources and find more clients for your data.


Monitoring the progress of artisanal and small-scale mining operations

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is building its ASM Progress App on top of the Datastake platform to streamline the assessment of mining organisations and track formalisation efforts over time, as part of its Sustainable Mines Program. Our joint ambition is to scale CRAFT conformance and Fairmined certification through digitisation and local capacitation.

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Solutions towards consolidated financial inclusion

With Trust Merchant Bank (TMB), we are addressing one of Africa’s biggest challenges: access to finance while conforming with global standards for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks. Banking the unbanked requires access to reliable information on beneficiaries. TMB leverage Datastake to triangulate information on their counterparties.

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Local feedback to guide humanitarian & development interventions

The Democratic Republic of Congo has some of the world’s most valuable minerals and the earth's second-largest forest after the Amazon. Yet, poverty and humanitarian crises plague its citizens, with interests from the private sector often at odds with those of local communities. Multiple stakeholders, including UN agencies, use Datastake to capacitate local actors in their monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals.

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